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Icon of Ginza Ichibun, Ginza sushi restaurant in Japan
portrait of Cher Takeshi Ogawa in Ginza Ichibun
About Ginza Ichibun

 Thank you for visiting the official Ginza Ichibun website.


 We are a small restaurant with a 9-seat counter, quietly operated by my wife and I in a corner of Ginza. We want our customers to enjoy delicious sushi. With this in mind, we opened our restaurant in early summer of 2017.


 In recent years, with the development of modern technology such as refrigeration and transportation, food has become borderless all over the world. For example, Japanese ingredients such as yuzu and wasabi are now naturally used in Western cuisine, while Western ingredients such as caviar and truffles are now actively used in Japanese cuisine. While I am happy to see this, I am also a little depressed to see the loss of "Japaneseness" in Japanese cuisine.

 Of course, we serve sushi that makes the best use of modern technologies, such as aquarium-breeding in our restaurants, ice-cooled aging, and low-temperature cooking. In addition, however, we also place special emphasis on traditional Japanese culinary techniques and culture that have been passed down from generation to generation, as well as the careful preparation of Edomae-Sushi, known as " 仕事 (Shigoto) ".

 We hope that the customers who try Ginza Ichibun's sushi will find that Japanese sushi is very delicious.


 We look forward to serving you.

Takeshi OGAWA (小川 武士)



3~6appetizers, 10~14pieces of NIGIRI, TAMAGO-YAKI (omelet)

Total number of dishes are about 18

JPY 25,300- (tax included)

  • Each course is also available a la carte for both appetizers and NIGIRIs.

  • The number of items and their contents are subject to availability on the day of the course.



SAPPORO "AKABOSHI", medium-sized bottle   JPY 1,000-​

KIRIN "Ichiban-Shibori", small-sized bottle.  JPY 700-

​Non alcoholic beer, small-sized bottle.  JPY 700-



at JPY 1,800-

various types to suit the menu of the day


full bottle   JPY 12,000-

​half bottle   JPY 7,000-

White Wine

glass wine   JPY 1,600-

Chablis (full bottle)   JPY 12,000-

Meursault (full bottle)  JPY 20,000-


Soft Drinks

Oolong tea   JPY 600-

​Green tea   no charge


​Requests and Precautions from Ginza Ichibun

  • All seats are non-smoking. Smoking is not permitted while dining or while sitting away from the table.

  • Please refrain from wearing perfume.

  • Please refrain from wearing overly casual attire such as tank tops, shorts, and sandals.

  • Children of junior high school age and older who are able to eat the same meals as adults may be seated with you.

  • Drinks other than red wine can be brought in for JPY 3,000- per bottle.

  • Private parties of up to 9 persons are also available, please call for details. We are not very good at taking phone calls in English, so please be considerate.

  • Please note that prices on the web reservation site may differ by the amount of the reservation site fee.

  • We accept JCB, VISA, Master, AMEX, and Diners credit cards.

  • Electronic money and QR code payment are not available.

Cancellation Policy

  • Following cancellation fees will be charged if you cancel your reservation at your convenience.

  • 50% of the fee times the number of guests  will be charged for cancellations made the two days before the reservation, and 100% of the fee times the number of guests will be charged for cancellations made on the day of the reservation.

Ginza Ichibun

Ginza Arca Brd. 1F

2-13-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


18:00- / 19:00- /20:00-

(starting at all once)

Wednesday  holiday

  • Instagram: Ginza Ichibun
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